Dear God, Help Us


Dear God,

In the last two days, hundreds of headstones were desecrated in a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia;

Amazon refused to stop selling books that promote Holocaust denial;

The Palestinian Ambassador to Iran Salah Zawawi prayed that Iran produce 1000 nuclear bombs to “defend the Islamic Republic and its principles.”

Hamas shot rockets into Israel and Israel retaliated;

More people became refugees;

While many in the countries seeking to help the refugees became their victims.

Dear God, help us.

Humanity has fallen, yet again, into a deep, dark pit of hate and disrespect.

Please, God, lift that hate and disrespect from every heart.

Fill each heart with love

Now, before we destroy ourselves

And Planet Earth along the way.

Please . . .

God . . .

Help . . .

Us . . .


Chaplain Tamar



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