Prayer for Strength After Loss


Heavenly Creator,

Please send strength, healing, love and light to (____________), who is grieving the loss of his/her/my/our loved one.

Help him/her/me/us awaken every morning remembering

All the good times and all the loving moments

(S)he/I/we had the opportunity to share with (______________), who now resides with You in Your Heavenly abode.

And help him/her/me/us find strength, solace and healing in each blessed memory.

For listening to his/her/my/our prayer and helping (__________________) get through these difficult days, I/we thank you with all my/our heart and soul.


Chaplain Tamar



The Grief Gratitude Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for the time You gave me with <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

I always knew how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to share my life with <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

But with him/her residing with You in the heavens, nearly every day something seems to remind me of  <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

And every time I begin to get that melancholy feeling,

When I turn to You in prayer,

You help the pain go away

And turn the tables on my heart

By opening my eyes to the blessing of each memory, and each moment I had with <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

Thank You, God, for  every memory,

Every feeling,

Every prayer,

Every turned heart table.

You are the Memory Maker, the Healer, the Creator of all Blessings,

For all these blessings, and every other blessing of which I am unaware,

I thank you now until the end of time.

Chaplain Tamar


And the Angels Came In


As a hospice chaplain,

I help my patients make the crossing to heaven

By praying for, with, and over them,

Holding their hand,

Singing for, with and over them,

And giving them a blessing.

I did exactly that two weeks ago

For an amazing man, one of the most memorable patients I’ve ever had.

When I had finished all my prayers, songs and blessings,

I cried a little, stepped out of the room,

Blew my nose,

Centered myself with a prayer,

Spoke with the nurses at the nursing station,

Then I left, as I have done so many times before.

This week,

I was told that my patient’s roommate

Saw my patient’s angels come into the room

As I’d finished my prayers and songs.

My patient passed away peacefully that night.

And this week, my heart is happy to know

That he went to meet his wife and son surrounded by his angels.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God!

Chaplain Tamar