Today I Saw Love

Sari loving her baby brother (2)

Today I saw love

In all its many forms

Love of a wife for her husband, now gone;

Love of daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters for their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother preparing to bid her “Good-bye, until we meet again on the other side . . .”

Love of a dog for his master,

Love of a grandson for his grandfather,

Love of a caregiver for the one to whom she tends.

There were happy tears.

There were sad tears.

In every teardrop there was love,

A love that only the salt in their tears could express.

May each and every one feel blessed

For they learned the most important lesson of this life journey

How to give and take love,

How to know both happy and sad tears

How to live with that love

In good times and in bad

In happy and in sad

For love is the bread of life,

The yolk of all that is, was and ever will be.

May you have the strength to risk loving and losing

So that in the end you will have known and sown love.

By Chaplain Tamar




When You Have Everything

APTOPIX California Wildfires

When you have everything,

Yet you feel that you have nothing,

Attend a Natural Disasters Loss Support Group


Read this link about the 65 million refugees

That the world and news outlets conveniently ignore


Ask yourself

Not what you have

But what you can do

To help others.

Chaplain Tammy



The Grief Gratitude Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for the time You gave me with <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

I always knew how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to share my life with <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

But with him/her residing with You in the heavens, nearly every day something seems to remind me of  <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

And every time I begin to get that melancholy feeling,

When I turn to You in prayer,

You help the pain go away

And turn the tables on my heart

By opening my eyes to the blessing of each memory, and each moment I had with <LOVED ONE’S NAME>.

Thank You, God, for  every memory,

Every feeling,

Every prayer,

Every turned heart table.

You are the Memory Maker, the Healer, the Creator of all Blessings,

For all these blessings, and every other blessing of which I am unaware,

I thank you now until the end of time.

Chaplain Tamar