Prayer for the New Year

Priestly Blessing

May you find the courage to apologize to those you may have hurt with words or deeds.

May you find the courage to apologize to God for mistakes you may have made either intentionally or unintentionally

May you be imbued with the wisdom to understand why you made those mistakes

And may you find the strength to utilize that understanding in order to

Learn how to never repeat those same mistakes again.


                                                                                                              September 28, 2017

                                                                                                              8 Tishrei 5778

                                                                                                              Chaplain Tamar






Hide & Seek


Dear Creator of All That Was, Is, and Ever Will Be,

Every day we see how so many have turned away from You,

Ignoring every one of Your sunrises and sunsets,

Ignoring the importance of every bird, bug and bee that You’ve gifted us with,

Ignoring Your blessings both knowable and unknowable,

As if You and all Your blessings are hidden.

Dear God, we ask that You open the heart and soul of every human being who has turned away from You,

Help them seek and find You

And Your many blessings,

So they may discover Your love, light and healing,

And the holiness of all life,

Such that humanity seeks and finds only peace with one another,

With every bird, bug and bee,

And within every sunrise and sunset.

With humble grace and thanks in our hearts, we thank You;

And together we say:


Chaplain Tamar


Prayer for Strength

Praying hands

Dear Lord,

As we stand here before You

We thank You for every blessing that You bestow

Upon us and our loved ones each and every day.

With humble grace in our hearts

We ask that You continue to bestow these beautiful blessings upon us,

And we ask that You strengthen us and our beloved <name>

For <name> is struggling with the challenges that are meeting him/her these days.

For listening to our prayer,

And knowing how best to answer us,

We thank You.

And together we say:


Chaplain Tamar


Dear God, Help Us


Dear God,

In the last two days, hundreds of headstones were desecrated in a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia;

Amazon refused to stop selling books that promote Holocaust denial;

The Palestinian Ambassador to Iran Salah Zawawi prayed that Iran produce 1000 nuclear bombs to “defend the Islamic Republic and its principles.”

Hamas shot rockets into Israel and Israel retaliated;

More people became refugees;

While many in the countries seeking to help the refugees became their victims.

Dear God, help us.

Humanity has fallen, yet again, into a deep, dark pit of hate and disrespect.

Please, God, lift that hate and disrespect from every heart.

Fill each heart with love

Now, before we destroy ourselves

And Planet Earth along the way.

Please . . .

God . . .

Help . . .

Us . . .


Chaplain Tamar


Praying for an anti- anti-Semitic Awakening


Dearest God,

The world has become engulfed

In that same old,

Irrational hate;

A hate aimed

At the Jewish People and Jewish nation.

Please, God,

Whisper into the ears

Of every many, woman, and child

Walking Planet Earth

That You love

All people,

That hate has no place on this planet

That our planet will only survive

If we, humanity, come together


For the sake of Planet Earth,

Our children,

And our children’s children.


Chaplain Tamar